Changing Paces.

He’s had balance issues since he was 3. He’s always been a chatter box. In kindergarten, his teacher recommended occupational therapy as he seemed to have some sensory seeking behaviors and had trouble staying in his chair. In first grade, he did pretty well. In second grade, his grades started slipping and the frustration began building with homework and school work. Getting him to focus became a challenge. I started to feel like a failure. This year, at the start of third grade, his grades in reading and math have been poor since day one. I finally started googling about something I’d been thinking about for at least a year. “What are symptoms of ADHD?”

The article started with: “If your child has more than 5 of the symptoms, please consult with your pediatrician.” He had 9 of the 10 symptoms on the list. His eight year well-child check was the following week. I mentioned to his teacher that I was going to bring it up after a frustrated email home from her regarding the unorganized state of his desk and her difficulty keeping him on task. She said she thought that was a good idea.

We went to the pediatrician and walked through his history, symptoms, behaviors, and he said it sounds like that’s probably what’s going on. He made some recommendations for a follow up with some professionals. I googled the names he gave me, none had good reviews.

Last week my googling led me to the Center for Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders. Dr. Silverman called me within an hour of submitting my inquiry and had an appointment available the next day (Saturday). I was drawn to his practice and his approach.

Every person is an individual and trusting in a one-size-fits-all solution could be a recipe for wasted time and added frustration.

That’s why we create a treatment plan designed around your needs for ADHD diagnosis and treatment. We follow leading research and provide innovative solutions backed by science, combined with decades of experience helping children and adults with ADD/ADHD.

Our treatment programs are custom designed for every individual and have shown excellent success in providing a lasting improvement in ADHD symptoms and focus, often with the reduction or elimination of the need for medication.

So, Saturday, September 23 (on our 11 year wedding anniversary), we met with Dr. Silverman for a consultation. He took down James history, went through a questionnaire, observed James for a while, and had him complete a brain map utilizing an qEEG along with another computerized response test. The quick diagnosis from him confirmed our thoughts, James does indeed have ADHD. We’ll be going back Thursday to review the results of the brain map. At that time, he’ll have a 504 plan request for me to take to James school and we’ll begin his first session utilizing neurofeedback.


Am I skeptical, maybe. Am I a mom feeling guilty that I’ve let my kid struggle the last three years and that we’ve been angry and frustrated at his inability to focus and to follow instructions, yes. Am I hopeful, absolutely.

I’m unsure what this journey holds. I’m crossing my fingers that insurance will help cover a portion of it. But I hope that it provides him with the tools he needs to be successful, and I know that his success will be whatever he defines it as.

There’s been a bit of soul searching happening around our house lately. I’ve realized that I need to let go of my expectations and open my heart to his normal and his expectations. We’ve got a lot of work to do as a family, but I’m excited for our journey and to see him blossom to his fullest potential.

Up next:

  1. Follow up appointment Thursday.
  2. Read the books we ordered today:
    1. For Me: Parenting ADHD Now!: Easy Intervention Strategies to Empower Kids with ADHD

    2. For Him: Journal of an ADHD Kid: The Good, The Bad, and The Useful

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